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How to Make a Pressed Flower Pendant Necklace

My spring flowers are out and my garden is starting to look really pretty.  Well, I am definitely going to patrol the beds a bit more thoroughly after I saw Mandy's wonderful pressed flower pendant tutorial over at her blog, Mandipidy.

It's easy although you do have to allow a week for pressing the flower.  And don't stop with a single flower either. Perhaps a bit of fern? A clover leaf? The possibilities are endless!

Flowers are probably the most popular elements used in jewelry designs so be sure to check these past tutorials for more ways to go floral!

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  1. I love that kind of thing - and I just bought some pendant stuff too. Maybe I'll be looking at the foliage more closely on my nightly walks!

  2. Very pretty and has a vintage look to it which is quite popular.

    I recall when I was in high school it was "the thing" to wear a dried 4 leaf clover in a glass pendant or a real mustard seed encased inside a glass orb. One was a lucky charm, the other a sign of faith.

  3. Really? What lovely ideas. I for one am in favor of non-gem focals especially if they have meaning.


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