Image by Cat Ivins
I've recycled some old nuts and small washers from defunct equipment before to make fun and funky earrings. Rather simple affairs compared to these designs from some of the most creative online jewelry makers!

These super talented individuals wrote excellent tutorials. I've selected them to feature because each design uses a unique approach.

Cat Ivins of the Olive Bites blog not only recycled bottle tops and buttons but her amazing ring clamp pendant tutorial allows for interchangeable inserts! Who knew hardware store clamps for hoses could be cool for jewelry making?

I wrote "insanely brilliant" in the comments of Michelle's blog post, In which Mich gets overexcited at the hardware store. She used the spring for holding window screens as unusual bracelet clasps.  They stretch making the bracelet very easy to put on!

Image by Mich in LA
I will also never look at hex nuts the same again. Erica over at the Honestly...WTF blog was inspired to create her own version of a brass braided hex nut bracelet. The doubled row hex nut design can surely be applied for a necklace too.

Image by Honestly....WTF
Also fantastic is her DIY Box Braid necklace tutorial which uses micro-fiber faux suede and washers.  Wearing two of them together is just stunning!  Who knew washers could get this classy?

Image by Honestly...WTF
Stephanie Joy of the Joy in the Middle blog has an  easy washer necklace tutorial. She really transforms ordinary washers with her mod podge technique. This is a wonderful "cross-over" method because she uses scrapbooking paper. She has inspired me to go get mod podge!

Image by Joy in the Middle

Want to get some frustrations out of your system? Check out the easy Hammered Copper Washer Pendant Tutorial from Gelt Designs' New Jewelry a Day blog. The texturing was done with a border or goldsmith hammer. If you have a blunt chisel, that might work too.

Image by New Jewelry a Day
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