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Facebook Inspired Relationship Status Band Bracelets

Like it or not, social media is increasingly influencing many parts of our lives.... including jewelry. Just as you declare your relationship status on Facebook,  Buump band bracelets now let you signal your availability or unavailability for everyone to see.

The unisex color coded bands carry messages which not only state the wearer's current relationship status but what his or her expectations are. They can be worn singly but wearing more than one is when the fun starts.

The color combination of green (single) and purple (looking for dating) bands is pretty straight forward to understand. But there are other imaginative groupings according to Buump's color code system. For instance wearing red (married), blue (it's complicated) and grey (looking for fun) bands means you're in a mid-life crisis! Delightful!  What would YOU wear?

These status bands reminds me of the color code system the Zulus use in their bead work for courtship purposes. Check this past post, The Romance of Zulu Beads.


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  1. Bracelets like these have been around at least since I was in High School... only back then they were plain, shiny, rounded rubber in different colors and you had to memorize what the colors meant - which was everything from "I love giving blow jobs" to "I'll do anything you ask" to "keep the f away". It was meant to keep those announcements away from snooping adults... and God help the grade 9 kid who wore them to be cool and didn't know what they meant.

    All this company has done is take out the guess work, so that new kid knows what they mean and everyone else can stop arguing over the definitions.

  2. LOL! Thanks for the background history. I didn't grow up in North America so I missed out on the band bracelets from the past. It's tough being a teenager!

  3. I think these are cool...if I was 40 years younger I would wear them, but without the words!!! :~) I'm a bit of an aging hippy!
    I often see young people wearing them, maybe not this particular brand but colorful bands like this,so they are popular.

    Enjoy the day...

  4. So do I. Young men like them because they are not at all blingy. The charity bands like the Live Strong types are also popular.

  5. I guess each generation has to have their own "thing" and for the computer generation this one fits right in. Wonder if someone is busy writing up a color code manual for those not quite so savvy ?

  6. I have the perfect title for that book. "Color Coding: What the Colors Mean according to Cultures, Generations, and Fads"

  7. Lauren reminded me of the problem of gang colors in large cities causing problems.

  8. lol....I prefer BLING!!!
    Thanks Pearl, Carol

  9. I think I'd feel a little weird wearing my "status" on my arm. But then - I never used it on FB either! They are cute tho.

  10. Hmmm.. I would so wear them but I don't think that they have the right colors for


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