Rubber Tubing and Beads Hoop Earrings
There is nothing wrong with plain hoops. But sometimes you just want to jazz them up a little to make them truly your own.

Do you have hoop earrings that have lost their appeal because the plating has worn off? It's another reason to make fun cover up hoop earrrings.  Instead of throwing them away, restyle them with yarn, trimmings, fabric, felt, ribbon and even rubber tubing!

Also check the links below for past posts on the different ways of making hoop earrings and wire wrapping beads.

Rubber Tubing Hoop Earrings
Rubber tubing easily adds color to hoops.These are available in all sorts of colors from jewelry suppliers. The largest gauge wire you can use is 20G which is very snug.  I suggest 22G to make life easier. Even better, just use memory wire especially if you like BIG earrings. This stainless steel wire keeps it shape so you won't accidentally bend the wire as you are slipping on the rubber tubing.

Cut two overlapping rounds of memory wire. Shown here are the small bracelet size coils which will make large hoop earrings. Remember to use proper wire cutters not your flush cutters.  My friend and co-instructor Debbie swears by her memory wire cutters. Use an Exacto (X-acto) knife or razor blade to cut up the rubber tubing into shorter lengths.

Slip on the tubing and beads. It's easier if you keep both ends of the memory wire open so you can add the beads from either end. Saves a lot of grief if you change your mind about the design part way through. Trim the wire and make loops on either end. Add jump rings and the ear wires and you're done! 

Crochet, Trim and Fabric Wrapped Hoop Earrings

Image by Jessica Fediw
Jessica Fediw of Oh So Happy Together has this inspiring post showing how you can knot, trim, crochet and wrap pre-existing hoop earrings. As she says, the customization will make the earrings unique.

If you can crochet, this Crochet Hoop Earring tutorial by Art of Crochet by Teresa is really pretty. There is also an accompanying video.

Image by Art of Crochet

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