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How to Make Shanked Buttons from Beads

Do you knit or know someone who does?  If so check out Fiber Fool's tutorial on how to make shanked buttons from beads!  It's a clever "cross-over craft" idea to use a bit of wire and beads from jewelry making to make the buttons for knitwear.

Needless to say, the shanked buttons could also be beaded dangles for jewelry making!Or make a whole bunch of them to string onto elastic beading cord to make a super easy bracelet!

She uses a 3-step looping pliers (see tutorial link below) which makes even double loops. If you try and do this with round nose pliers, one of the loops will be smaller than the other. Another option is to use small bail forming pliers.

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  1. Yay, for the bail forming pliers, I use mine every day and still wonder how I ever lived without them. Now I need to invest in the smallest of the bail pliers as I own the large and the medium ones.

    As for the beads to buttons idea, it is terrific. For so long now beaders have been utilizing buttons to use in their creations so why not go the other direction and use beads in our sewing creations. I can envision using the Czech glass disc beads as shank buttons on a garment.

  2. Yes, it is worth getting the bailing pliers in the three sizes! That's a great suggestion about the Czech beads.


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