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How to Make Super Hero Jewelry for Little Guys

For the Younger Set
Part 1 of 2
Have you ever noticed how much small boys love their favorite super hero character? Well, perhaps you can make them jewelry they will like?

One of the easiest ways is to use Perler or Hama beads which are really picture construction toys. The iron-on fused bead pendants can then be attached to chains or leather cords.

The above Superman Hama Bead necklace is by My Best Friend is A Spaceship on Cut Out and Keep.  She got the pattern here.

Other ways include using polymer clay or cut out plastic like Elisha did on Cut Out and Keep for this cute Batman Necklace.  Shrinky Dink also make black sheets so there is no need to hand color the plastic.

Katie over at the Punk Project blog has an easy Comic Book Pendant necklace which is also easy on the pocket.  It's easily replaceable should your super hero misplace his necklace while busy battling archenemies!

If your super hero is only pint-sized then consider making him these awesome Super Hero Cuffs by Clever Mode. She made Superman and Batman cuffs for her then 4 year-old nephew.  What a wonderful gift because they will encourage imaginative play so crucial for childhood development.  Via

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  1. How adorable! I was just thinking about guy jewelry recently. And the 6 year old our daughter babysits has moved from dinosaurs to super heroes!

  2. Pearl,

    this one is really cute :)) I want to make one for my nephew.

  3. I suspect there will be a lot of happy little guys out there! Pearl

  4. What a cute commercial.

    We quite often forget about making jewelry for children, other than the occasional little girl's bracelets and necklaces. Usually the boys get left out of our design planning. I especially like the Batman necklace that you’ve featured. Since there are now so many super-heroes (some old, some new and some just recently revived) there are a lot of super logos to draw from.


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