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Jewelry Closet Idea from IKEA Hackers

One of my local clients has such a passion for handmade jewelry she has a huge collection to prove it. She says she devotes a hutch to storing jewelry rather than chinaware!

Well, thanks to a reader, Karri, who sent me this tip,  here is a great furniture idea for other jewelry mavens who find the common storage units too small.

The jewelry closet idea comes from a wonderfully creative site called IKEA Hackers where furniture from the famous DIY store is deliberately hacked for other purposes.  As you can see, all sorts of hanging fixtures can be used anywhere inside.

What I really like about this piece of furniture is the ability to keep things organized AND dust free.  The fact that it also doubles as a dressing mirror is a bonus!

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  1. I really need this!! But where would you put earrings...

    (via Facebook)

  2. That's easy. Just mount a DIY picture frame earring display inside.

    Check out my past tutorial post on how to make your own.

  3. What a great idea...I was just there last Sunday but wasn't looking for something like that! Who isn't looking for larger storage for jewelry?


  4. Now this is a piece of furniture with every woman in mind. :)
    Such a great way to be able to view everything at a glance instead of piled up in a drawer or jewelry box.

  5. just what I need for all those strands of beads so I can see exactly what I have- with a handy mirror too perfect please may I have the instructions....

  6. No instructions are really needed! Just a closet like the IKEA cupboard and those peel and stick hangers! Stick away!


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