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Copper Bracelet and Elvish Beaded Earrings to Match

Often the beginner beaders at our workshop delight us with lovely beaded combinations.

Cheryl's selection of purplish beads certainly does compliment the copper beads and clasp she chose for her bracelet.  I love how she mixed different shapes and types of beads for her design.

She went with silver elvish earrings. The copper framed window beads and copper beads were mixed in with purplish seed beads so the earrings will go with her bracelet if she wanted to wear them together!

Beader Designs # :  658-659

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  1. Sometimes it takes a novice to show us different combinations and designs that we would not even think about. Even in jewelry making and designing we need new blood to bring in fresh ideas.
    I"m really fond of the pastel combinations of pinks and purples and have discovered the beauty of copper with its warm rosy color, so Cheryl's bracelet really appeals to me.

    BTW-I've been MIA blog-wise and boy do I have a lot of catching up to do. :D

  2. Glad to see you again! I hope you had a good vacation or rest!


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