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Tutorials on How To Make Wire Crochet Jewelry

Image by the CraftyPod
People who try out wire crochet usually end up liking it.  The beginner beaders at our workshops including those who have never done crochet before, love the final result.  The pieces have the look of hand crafted jewelry which looks difficult to do. Far from it, it's actually easy.

Just check out Diane Gilleland of the CraftyPod blog's excellent tutorial on how to get started. Her clear pictures and instructions are a breeze to follow.

Do you like your projects fast and furious?  Then check the Chunky Wire Crochet Bracelet by Michael Sellick of The Crochet Crowd.  Thanks Willi for this tip!

Image by Michael Sellick
Michael also presented this accompanying video tutorial for making a wire and bead crochet bracelet. He made a few beaded chains which are braided together or just left separate before attaching to the clasp.  This technique is forgiving - you can see him adjusting the final positions of the beads as well as the bracelet length itself.

Thread Bear's Picnic has a really pretty Daisy Drop Earrings tutorial which is easy and quick to do even for novices.

Image by Thread Bear's Picnic

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  1. Awesome tutorials and pics. I have thought a few times of trying this, but then I convince myself I should master the things I already know first!!! lol
    Thanks Pearl.

  2. Great tutorials Pearl...I've made a few crocheted pieces, I enjoyed the process and may crochet something again when the mood strikes me! :~)

  3. I can recommend doing or trying it as a break from whatever you do normally!

  4. the earrings look really pretty...will try them

  5. The wire crochet, daisy earrings are as sweet as can be. I know I’ve said before that I should give this technique a try and I really should, hopefully that day will come some time soon. :)

  6. Cool! I have been wanting to give wire crochet a try but hadn't yet. Looks so simple that I need not wait any longer.


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