It's one thing to repurpose all sorts of materials for jewelry making. It's another to make said jewelry really, really good.  One outstanding and inspirational artisan is Victoria Tane who I discovered when she started following me on Twitter.

Garden of Eden Bracelet
die cut paint swatches and vintage metal stampings
This award-winning artist is an avid recycler and her pieces showcase her use of not only vintage elements but materials which do not normally make it into jewelry designs. She explains, "I've been making jewelry out of found objects for so long that I turned green!"

Elizabeth Taylor Necklace
 crystals from 1920's lights

Her artistic flair and creativity is outstanding. How does she do it?  Victoria says, "I never look at the way things are. Rather, I always look at the way they could be." And these are invariably unique and delightful. The design below includes leather eyelets from a defunct suspender factory teamed with Home Depot fencing wire, old pewter castings and glass beads.

 Five Geometrics Necklace
die cut paint swatches, business cards, aluminum wine wrappers, antique sequins, dyed coconut shells, old jewelry parts 

Her commitment to the green movement is real. She and her husband travel to several fine art and craft shows in the US each year in a solar powered restored vintage Airstream trailer!  Check out her blog.  One useful post  explains how one can determine the "greenness" of eco jewelry.  Victoria is also the inventor of the patented Headbenz adjustable headband or choker jewelry.

Cleopatra Necklace
vintage 1960's pencil tops and chandelier crystals

Ruff Collar Necklace 
Honeycomb blinds and vintage luster pearls

Frosted Grace Necklace
frosting applicator tips, jet glass, antique art deco clasp

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