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Unusual Butterfly Jewelry Tutorials

Most butterfly jewelry I've seen involve either butterfly charms or wire work designs (see link below).  But there are other ways to incorporate this pretty insect in jewelry designs.

This stamped butterfly on canvas pendant tutorial by Shona Cole in soft colors.  The fabric layers are stiffened by gluing onto a plastic backing.

There are other ways to stiffen the fabric - perhaps with a heavy interfacing? If hot gluing to the chain does not appeal, consider adding some grommets at the wing tips for jump rings.

Beverly over at the Flamingo Toes blog took her inspiration from an Anthropology necklace. The butterfly focal was created using a variety of eyepins. What is neat is the use of ribbon to outline the butterfly.  I also liked not just the asymmetrical placement but the inspiring use of different beaded sections.


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  1. I love the idea of a stamped butterfly on canvas. Thanks for the tut! As you know, I'm partial to butterflies as they represent organ transplant -specifically lung transplant. And I'm always looking for unique ways to convey the message of transplant. Will bookmark this!

  2. Another lovely post! One of your links doesn't work, though--could you check the first one?

  3. OK, never mind! NOW it works! (at least you know we are clicking!!)

  4. LOVE the top pretty! The little rectangular tag detail is cute- gives it a bit more of a vintage feeling and takes it away for being too 'chintzy' if you know what I mean:)Funny how one little detail can do that...

  5. Great never ceases to amaze me what people come up with!

  6. Love the designs, they're very natural and have a pretty but casual elegance to them.

  7. Very unique ideas. I love butterflies. I just finished the embroidery butterfly wings I'm doing for a faery. Still have to add some beadwork and the faery..LOL!!

  8. HI, the link on the butterfly necklace inspired by Anthropologie with eyepins isn't working. I'd love to be able to see how to make it :)

  9. My apologies. I have corrected the code so the link now works!

    I didn't realize butterflies was a symbol of organ transplants. Now I know!

  10. Just popped over to check on those faerie wings you are making, Regina! Awesome!

  11. Pretty neat tutorial!!! Great idea. thanks again Pearl.

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