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Tamara over at the Vanishing Pearl blog has a super tutorial for making beaded washers.  These hardware store discs not only form an anchor for the beads but they also add to the overall design. Notice how the threads cover the washer, giving it visual interest?

These inexpensive washers come in different sizes and can be pieced together to form spectacular designs. Don't believe me?  Then check out Tamara's inspirational post where she showcases her beaded washer bracelet. The varying colors as well as the"spokes and cogwheels" elements of her design are delightful. Her blog post shows more detailed pictures.

She also showed her all time favorite design, the awesome Fire Powered Plumbing necklace which featured a  universal valve handle from the plumbing department! This design made it as a finalist in Fire Mountain Gems' 2009 competition.

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  1. How cool is this?!! I want to try this! Love the finished look

  2. Thanks for the feature Pearl! Giving you a shout out in a bit.

  3. Very Unique!! I do think I see a trip to the hardware store soon ^_^

  4. Very cool! I've only seen beaded o-rings so far. I love jewelry with hardware parts.

  5. I can just see us all stampeding to the hardware stores!


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