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Bead Oasis Bead Show in Halifax

Laurie Anne Clinton of Flirt Beads
Halifax is really a small Canadian city. Even counting in the greater metropolitan area, residents number only in the 300,000+ range. So we are fortunate to have the Canadian Bead Oasis make it here last weekend at the Metro Center.

It's their second showing here and the first time I was able to cover it for my blog. I attended with my Debbie, my best friend, co-instructor and co-conspirator on buying expeditions.

I was too busy shopping I didn't have time to visit  other vendors which was just as well as this post would be too long. Definitely next year!

We first visited Laurie Anne and Beth Clinton who are the artisans behind Flirt Designs. They also represent the lamp work company Unicorne Beads  in Canada.  Willi, a blog reader and frequent commentator and their friend as well as my student daughter helped out with these booths as the Clintons were also instructing at the show.

Debbie and I bought extra cup burs at Flirt Beads - they will come in handy at workshops. No idea what cup burs are?  Check out the first link below.

Unicorne Beads
There were some wonderful lamp work designs at Unicorne Beads which I just had to have.  Shown below is a gorgeous blue and silvery bead whose hole was large enough to take my full persian necklace! See link below for the chain maille tutorial.

This whimsical frog called out to me as did the rich colors of this tear drop pendant.

Bumping into local readers and meeting people made the afternoon fun.  One familiar face there was Susan Hood, a local lamp worker I've featured before.  As you can see, she did show off her wonderful pictures of celebrities wearing her jewelry on the board behind her and in a digital picture display.  Susan is currently without a website but you can find her on Facebook as the Glass Harp Gal. She also teaches at Cranberry Glass.

Both Debbie and I did a collective gasp when we spotted her amazing beaded belt.  Susan made the lovely lamp work focal which she gave to one of her students. This student then created the free form peyote piece for Susan!  It was intended as a necklace but Susan converted it to a belt.

Marilyn Gardiner and her strong but silent type of a husband Brad were also there with their chain maille booth. Marilyn was busy with her chain maille class when we called by. Fortunately Willi took this picture of her and her helper, Sabrina at another time.  Thanks Willi!

Marilyn and Sabrina showing off a chain maille necklace
Marilyn is a former teacher and it shows! She teaches a lot at various bead shows. They also sell instructional kits.  I have featured one of her free chain maille tutorials before.

Can't wait till next year!

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  1. Oh! How could I have missed this...will it be here next year??? I hope so!

  2. Sorry we missed this year...last year was great meeting all kinds of people and drooling over the gorgeous lamp worked beads. We thought we would be out of the country but as it turned out we were here that weekend. Oh well! Hopefully it will be back next year.

  3. I also hope they will be back. Having a bead show in the summer is a bit tricky as so many people are out of town! If you do attend, be sure to look out for me! Pearl

  4. Oooohh, my ADOS (Attention Deficit Ooh Shiny) would have kicked in SO hard at this!
    Also, I was trying to open your link to the Full Persian Chain Maille Tutorial and it keeps telling me page not found... *o_0

  5. Sorry about that! Idiot here put in the link twice! I have changed the code! Pearl

  6. Yes Pearl, I think you are right- summer time is tricky. Spring or Autumn would be so much better. I know how quiet our business is during June and July, so I think it is the same for most others.

    Although, last year's show really helped us boost our sales in a month which would have normally been pretty flat, so who knows...

  7. I would soo love to go to a bead show! But not sure I could control myself...or any budget!

  8. That's one reason why I have yet to go to Tucson!

  9. Bead and jewelry shows are very dangerous places ... hazardous on the bank account anyway.
    I understand you when you said that lovely lamp work bead from Unicorne Beads had a hole big enough for your chain-maille necklace. I have the same problem with my Kumihimo braided ropes.
    Trying to find a really large holed bead can be difficult, and those Pandora/Troll beads just aren’t big enough.

    Haven’t been to the big bead and gem show in Tucson, Arizona either. Think I’ve subconsciously avoided it as I knew it would end up maxing out my credit cards. :D

  10. Not all lamp work beads are that accommodating too! So it was a certainty I'd buy that one!


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