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Design Your Own Bone Structures Necklace

Remember the traditional spiritual song, Dem Dry Bones? The lyrics include "Toe bone connected to your foot bone, foot bone connected to your ankle bone, ankle connected to your leg bone"... and so forth.

Well, this clever jewelry design reminded me of that song. Bone Structures is a collection by the Campana Brothers. (Update :link no longer works.)You get to connect up bone-shaped leather pieces  in any way you wish! 

The connections are easily accomplished through the magnets at each end of the pieces. Not for those with pacemakers though!

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  1. Hi Pearl!!! It's been so long! I've gotten so caught up in things I haven't barely visited any of my blogger friends' blogs. But I do get your feed!

    Bone connected jewelry...interesting. But, also very unique and really, quite versatile with its' color -right?

  2. This is just amazing! It's like wearing an art piece around your neck. People are so creative! Thanks for sharing. LOVE it

  3. Hmmm...very interesting to look at and probably fun to play with. It's quite unique looking.
    Think I will stick with beads!!1

  4. It's an innovative design alright. I really like the part where the wearer gets to do some designing. And yes, the brown color is neutral so it will go with a lot of outfits!

  5. How very innovative ! I truly like the idea that it gives the wearer the ability to use their own imagination to create their own jewelry design. The bone shapes are perfect for asymmetrical designs, which I find very attractive. Of course as you mentioned, since these are held together with magnets they would not be suitable for those with pacemakers.


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