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How to Use the Jewelry Saw to Cut Out Pendant Shapes

Firefox Pendant
Ever want to make unique pendant or charm shapes from metal sheets?  Well, Becky Stern shows us how to use a jewelry saw with her excellent video tutorial on the making of a Firefox pendant.

She also includes instructions on how to attach the saw blade to the frame. She does the sawing on a wooden v-shaped bench pin. Becky has a static version of the tutorial on Craftzine if you're not fond of video tutorials.

Some jewelry artisans coat their saw blade with beeswax or a candle to make sawing easier and prolong its useful life. There are also commercial saw blade lubricants available.  A Jewelry Making Daily reader suggests using a scrap piece of picture mat board in between the bench pin and the metal to help the saw "bite" and prevent blade breakage.

We talk incessantly about the weather. So why not feature it in jewelry designs?  That's exactly what Mimi Cheung did by creating a pendant made from cloud charms. The free tutorial is from Lark Books' metal smith book called 30-Minute Necklaces: 60 Quick and Creative Projects for Jewelers

I'm not quite sure I could saw 3 clouds in 30 minutes flat - even small ones - let alone sand and patina them too!  But then I probably haven't used the jewelry saw enough. However, these tutorials encourage me to practice more!


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  1. Sawing metal has never been one of my favorite things to do, but I can really appreciate those that do, and so well!!!

  2. It's not my favorite thing to do either! I actually prefer using metal shears to saws!

  3. Interesting video. Becky must have some impressive pectoral muscles from using that saw, also enjoyed the fast forward part where the saw looked like a sewing machine going full throttle ... that was "fast forward" wasn't it ? If not she is one heck of a sawyer!
    Truthfully I've never attempted using sheet metal before, mainly because I find the cost of silver wire expensive and can only imagine the cost of an actual sheet of sterling. After viewing this video I have a whole lot more admiration for those, like Becky, who do this artistic craft.

    btw – the cloud charm is sweet, I could see making a line of “Talk About the Weather” charms using sun shapes, rain drops, snowflakes ...

  4. Yes, I have seen a number of cloud and other weather related jewelry. Just check the link at the end of the post!

  5. One has to be extremely careful using trademarked designs in items for sale. My sister-in-law is a patent lawyer and was defending a friend who made cute "Beetle" VW car pendants. VW came after her for trademark infringement and made her stop selling them.

  6. Good point. The takeaway message is either to saw your own design or not sell such things.


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