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Burnt Glue Rings by Tiffany Windsor
I have a love-hate relationship with glue. It's really useful at times but why does it have to get everywhere? On the plus side, I have discovered glue can also be fun.  Tiffany Windsor's burnt glue ring video tutorial shows us how one can create the fused glass look.

The technique uses Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue® on resin rings. A candle is used to create the shimmery effects after the glue is applied to the resin tiles. It's really neat to see!

If you are a crafter, you might like to check out the burnt paper bag design tutorial which also uses a candle and the glue.

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  1. Wow what a fascinating technique...When I first saw the pic I thought that it was glass...who would have thought that glue could produce such awesome effects...Thanks Pearl :)

  2. very cool! you find the most interesting stuff! :)

  3. This is totally new to me and I think it is awesome ! If I've seen pieces made from this technique I was not aware of it and probably thought it was handcrafted glass.
    It's an amazing effect caused by the burning of the glue with the candle. If I gave this a try my hubby will undoubtedly think I've lost my mind. :D

  4. This is wonderful. I remember the burnt paper bag technique from Aleene's craft show. I wathced her show faithfully! I can't believe I can use this technique for jewelry. I have some time this week to practise my resin jewelry - so I might try this technique.

    PS - it is much faster to leave comments now!


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