Laurie Poast grew up in America but she has a life long fascination for Europe and all things European.

Now based in Amsterdam in The Netherlands, she creates delightful clay jewelry inspired by her surroundings and her love for Old World charm. Her Etsy store is called ARTISANIEeurope.

She lives in a 17th century Dutch canal house not far from the childhood home of Rembrandt looking out at the same windmill and drawbridge as the famous artist once did. Laurie adds, "My life and my art feel at home here, amidst the cobblestone streets, secret gardens, and rows of little brick houses in which my childhood rĂªveries were set. "

Rembrandt house - amsterdam nlRembrandt's House via Wikipedia

A panorama of 4 segments of an Amsterdam Canal...Amsterdam canal via Wikipedia

Her little planter pendant necklaces are hand made from Spanish terra cotta clay without using molds.  These hold tiny plants. The designs are inspired by the tiny gardens the Dutch have where they grow flowers in terra cotta planters and old wooden clogs .

She also takes her inspiration from European architecture like the French country farmhouses and cottages which dot the countryside.

 French Maison Necklace

The Cinque Terre's pastel houses on the rocky coast the Italian Riviera inspired her clay multi-pendant necklace below :

Her sweet Spitsbergen, Norway House single pendant necklace comes in a variety of colors. It reminds me of the brightly hued houses found in Atlantic Eastern Canada.  She includes a fascinating explanation about the identical houses found on the rugged island of Spitsbergen, an old 17th and 18th whaling station which was abandoned as such. Her designs are full of whimsy and meaning!


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