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Finished necklace makeover
Sue bought a necklace with a handmade pink ceramic focal some time ago. Although she liked the focal, the original necklace portion was less appealing.

The all-fiber content did not compliment the ceramic piece.  There was clearly not enough bling for this beader!  So Sue added a triple stranded beaded necklace arrangement which fed through the hollow piece.

As you can see, the makeover transformed the look of the piece.

Original design
The matching elvish style earrings was a bonus with this makeover jewelry project!

Beader Designs : #662-663

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  1. I love those focal pieces. They sure make for unique pieces.
    Carol glad to be back...!!!

  2. And I am glad you are not only back but helped me solve the problem code on my blog which was making it load slowly for some people. Thanks!

  3. Thank you - thank you - thaaaank yoooou !!! Give Carol a big hug from me !
    I thought it was my brand new computer and I was trying everything, cleaning the cache, re-booting, running virus scans and spy wear scans. Finally the site got so slow it was taking me a few minutes to download every page change. Just to read one post and make one comment would end up taking me a good 15 to 20 minutes. So a site that I normally loved to visit got to be an experience in frustration. Such a pleasure to have it down load quickly again. :)

    Oh and Sue's necklace make-over is great, a vast improvement over the original version ... and she gets a lovely bonus, matching earrings!


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