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How to Use Rope for Jewelry Tutorials

Think rope is too thick for necklaces?  Think again!  Rope can be used quite effectively to make designer inspired statement necklaces.

This tutorial by Samantha over at the Dollar Store Crafts demonstrates the principal.....with jump ropes and common plumbing connectors! Also brilliant is the use of hidden magnets at the tube cap ends.

A couple of my favorite fashionistas, Lauren and Erica over at the Honestly...WTF blog completed a tutorial for a tribal look necklace made from bungee or climbing ropes!  This colorful necklace would look great with t-shirts in the summer!

Their DIY bracelet tutorial really does take advantage of prettily colored rope cord.  Inspired?

The two bloggers also have a wonderful eye for bold designs. Here are two of their inspiring finds:

 Agate and Rope Necklaces With Crochet Border

Eleanor Bolton necklaces

 Before You Go
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  1. Makes for a very pretty necklace. Lauren and Erica’s rope bib necklaces do have a wonderfully, exotic tribal look to them.

    Can't tell you how grateful I am to see your blog downloading quickly again. I had gotten to the point where I didn't know which was worse; not visiting your blog and missing your posts, or the aggravation of it taking forever to download every page change and leave a comment. Glad I no longer have to make that choice. :)

  2. Great pieces...looks like fun to make!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. I'm not sure why it made a difference for some people and not others but yes, I am relieved the error was located and the problem fixed. So onwards with great inspirational pieces!

  4. Love these designs. They don't look like rope!

  5. EEEps! Love all of these too! The first blue one is pretty awesome.


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