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Cut Out Leather Jewelry by LaLaYeah

Leather jewelry is the perfect solution for those who don't like bling.

Trying to create something different though takes imagination and LaLaYeah on Etsy does have what it takes. This fellow Canadian makes bold geometric cut out leather jewelry.

She uses the fine quality, soft leather which she sometimes prints on with gold or silver ink using silk screening. The result is simple yet elegant.  Her inspiration comes from different sources - origami, space invaders and even a faceted gem!  Got to like that one!

More about Leather:
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  1. Interesting & unique...I've been meaning to try some leather bracelets but I've not gotten around to it! :~)

  2. Very unique. I love the way the leather lays.

  3. Some of these are way too big for my taste, but oh, I love that first one.


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