The Reader Question thread is where I pick an emailed question or comment to share.  I don't claim to know all the answers but I do my best to help.

Shaylynn of Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe posted this comment, "Random question-- do you know of any good uses for broken/cracked/uncut-hole beads? I've amassed a little collection and feel bad throwing it out!"

It's not quite a random question because Shaylynn raised it on my Reader Question - What Glues to Use in Jewelry Making post.  She was obviously deciding whether it's worth trying to rescue some beads with glue.

If you know of a lamp work artist, make friends with them. The scrap glass may be of use to them as they can melt it down. I do know of lamp work artists who use recycled glass. Yes, recycling is really big!

Precious metal beads should be saved just as you would the wire scraps. Some suppliers are now buying small amounts of collected wire and beads from artisans to make bigger batches which they in turn sell to smelters. Smelters typically need at least 1 kg so selling to a middleman works if you are not likely to amass that amount quickly.

Non-precious metal beads as well as rejected glass may be recycled - you'll have to check with your local recycling depot if they are suitable.

Another suggestion is to use them creatively in a mixed media mosaic picture. Shaylynn herself replied with another idea, "I might also try to make some bead cages for the beads with poorly made holes. Other than the fact that no wire can go through them, they are perfectly good."  Yes, wire-wrapping (see link below) is an excellent solution which also works for undrilled sea glass and marbles .

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