Giant Fountain by Heureux
Are you a Swarovski fan? Then you might like to know there is a bling theme park just for you! It's the Swarvoski Crystal Worlds or Swarvoski Kristallwelten in Wattens near Innsbruck, Austria. It opened in 1995 to mark the 100th anniversary of the company's founding.

The museum and gardens are beautifully set in the mountains.  It looks like a magical place from the outside. A hillside giant with crystal eyes spouts water marks the entrance to the museum.

SWAROVSKI Crystal Worlds (HDR)Giant Fountain in the fall by Lars Tinner

Labyrinth by Ashleypalmero
Inside is a bling paradise ranging from the elegant, to the weird and cute. The selection of artwork is certainly eclectic.  This visitor video includes pictures of the world's largest crystal, the multifaceted room, an "Ice Passage" and the giant butterfly adorned accordion. There is a brief picture of a giant ring - that's from the exhibit room entitled, "The Giant's Personal Belongings".  Other "Chambers of Wonders" include a Crystal Calligraphy room, a Crystal Forest and Crystal Reflection.

One of the stranger exhibits has to be Jim Whiting's Mechanical Theater - a vision of moving mannequin parts and Swarovski embellished clothes.

Here are a few more of the art objects they have :

Swarovski Crystal Chandelier by Kara Brugman

Swarovski Crystal Jellyfish Exhibit by LinksmanJD

Swarovski Purse by LinksmanJD
Swarovski Crystal Bra by LinksmanJD
Vintage Swarovski Jewelry by LinksmanJD
Swarovski Crystal Flowers by LinksmanJD

Woodland Crystal Creature Cake by Kara Brugman
Swarovski Good Luck Crystal Cats by Kara Brugman
Swarovski Mouse by KLMircea
And the most important place in the museum for some....the gift shop.

Before You Go:

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