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Vintage Copper and Turquoise Colored Beads Go Together

Earlier this year, beginner beader, Nancy came to our workshop to make some jewelry.  She said her skin was so acid that most jewelry did not survive for long!

We suggested she try vintage copper (or brass) because it's been patinated. Our theory being that the patina might provide a barrier.

Nancy chose a wonderful color combination of turquoise with vintage copper window and cathedral beads for her earrings.  But she stuck with silver for the ear wires.

The matching bracelet  she created also included a pretty clasp.

Beader Designs #: 660-661

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  1. love this pairing of colours. Have created a few with antiqued brass and aqua. Love it. Thanks for sharing. Lisa

  2. For some odd reason turquoise shades go with just abut any color of wire and I find the newer wire finishes such as antique brass, copper and bronze adapt beautifully to most gemstone colors. Yay ! As these wires are so much more affordable than gold filled or sterling silver. :)


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