Sherry Aitken is a mother of 2.  Not only is she well acquainted with the make believe world of young children, she also makes super hero capes and other accessories for her Etsy shop, Baby Pop Designs. What kind of personal blog would such an artisan have? A delightful one aptly named SuperExhausted.

Sherry  understands fully how difficult it is to get young ring bearers down the aisle. Small boys will consider having to carry a ring cushion at a wedding totally uncool unless of course they are the superheros of the occasion.

As you can see, her superhero ring bearer cap with matching t-shirt, mask and gloves is spot on to save the day! She makes them in bridal colors too!

If anyone is making a ring pillow for a summer wedding, I would definitely sew on ribbons to tie down the rings. After all, superheros can fly. Low level flying, that is.

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