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How to Make a Sultan's Turban Bead

The international community of beaders is fantastic! They not only share their expertise but help one another. It's a truly well connected network!

The original tutorial for the fabulous Sultan's turban bead was created by a Hungarian beader. This was spotted by Mandy over at the Beads for Brains blog who I had featured before for her year long beading marathon.

Anna who writes the A Beader's Blog and who reads Mandy's blog was then inspired to create an English version. This is a good thing because the Hungarian tutorial was based on uploaded images. The text couldn't be easily translated with online tools.

Anna's tutorial is divided into Part 1 and Part 2. She spent a lot of time putting together a terrific tutorial with some awesome pictures. Anna admitted, "In the process of taking photos, drawing diagrams, writing instructions in clear step-by-step directions and finally coordinating it all together, I was left with a very deep appreciation for those who do this on a constant basis ... bless them and long may they live."

Update :  I have since found out that a highly motivated group of beaders and one linguist also tracked down the Hungarian designer and worked with her to produce a full properly translated PDF for this tutorial. If you are interested in this, the tutorial is available from the beginner site on the Yahoo group called Beads and More. The group is accepting new referral members - just make sure you put Kate referred in the comment box.

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  1. What a fabulous tutorial. I will definitely try this. Thanks to Anna and Mandy for providing this.

  2. Oooo pretty! I love beaded beads.

  3. Thanks Pearl for highligthing this cool bead! Anna did a fine job with the English translation and her bead defintiely looks much better than mine! I wish I had had the time to do that, picking my way through the Hungarian pictures was fun though, like a little adventure!

  4. Thank you Pearl, it is truly an honor to be featured on your blog. It doesn't require saying, as we all know this for a fact, that your blog is an inspiration to us all and every visit opens our eyes to something new, beautiful, exciting or simply humorous. Speaking for many, I sincerely thank you and appreciate all that you've given us. :)

    I hope that my tutorial will be of help to those lovely beaders who've had trouble deciphering Kriszta's diagrams and will be useful to others who have not seen her beautiful beaded Sultan's cap bead.

  5. this is just too fantastic, i have to have a go at it and work it into a project!


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