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How to Make Upcycled Computer Key Jewelry Tutorials

Did you know computer key caps can be removed quite easily?  Well, if you have an old keyboard, then consider upcycling the computer keys. Some of them make great initial jewelry.

Catherine over at the Olive Bites Blog has a really easy computer key pendant tutorial.  She used a hardware store washer which require drilling a hole.  I recommend using a metal hole punch if you a bit leery of the drill. Alternatively round discs with pre-drilled holes will also work.

Craftbits just drilled holes into the computer keys to make them into earrings!  Her tutorial is worth a visit because she gives tips on how to get the key caps off and prepare them depending on whether it's an older or newer keyboard. No drill?  Use her hot nail method!

Also armed with a hot pin is Michelle over at the Mich in LA blog.  Her pendant computer key designs certainly have a feminine touch.

Frabjous over on Cut Out and Keep has this  example of a modern name necklace with a geeky look. 

These are just some ideas. Let your creative juices flow!  

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  1. Oh, my, they're all very chic geek! Thanks, Pearl!!!

  2. I like the looks of this. The pc keys are different that the standard alphabet beads that one sees in all the bead shops and catalogs. Also a neat way to recycle an old computer keyboard, well at lest part of it.

  3. I've been making jewelry with "keycycled" computer keys for quite some time. See my wendycats shop on etsy!

    Purrrrrs... wac


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