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Another Chance to Win a Free Shop for Life!

Remember the free shop for life giveaway on my blog some time ago?   Well, I think many of you would. It was highly successful.  But  as with such things, many were disappointed.

Well, here is another chance to try and win yourself a free shop for life!  Andrew and Kimberly Kitchen are sponsoring a similar giveaway but this time on the Handmade Artist's Shop's blog. Check it out!  And good luck!  It ends on September 4th so there is plenty of time.

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  1. That is an awesome giveaway/contest. I will be looking more into that! I read your 4 ways to promote your business, great ideas and I will be trying some out! I love looking on your site, but until now I believe I have just been an invisible reader.

  2. I'm glad you delurked, Kim! That way I can get to know you by visiting your site! Good luck with the free shop giveaway. Pearl

  3. The contest sounds interesting and I love the idea of a site dedicated expressly and solely to handcrafted items ... so suppliers (except handcrafted supplies), no unaltered vintage, and mostly NO resellers. Can you hear me clapping ? :)


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