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How to Restring a Necklace Quickly

Ever changed your mind about a design after you've strung the necklace?  I have and so have a number of beginner beaders at our workshops over the years.  Or a necklace breaks and you're faced with restringing the lot?

Image by Amethyst and Amber
Never fear. There is an easy way. Just grab a fresh length of beading wire and feed it through the design, transferring the beads over to the new beading wire as you go along. Stop at where the error is and correct it with a different selection of beads. Continue transfer-stringing until complete.

However, if you're dealing with thread as the original stringing material, then you'll find it's more work to feed the new beading wire through. That's when you need Lindley's tip.  Her tutorial over on her blog, Amethyst and Amber, shows how fast it can be with a bit of glue. Those itty bitty heishi beads?  No problem!

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  1. Though I've used glue to stiffen the ends of thread so it could use it like a needle (which doesn't always work out so well) I never thought to use it to glue two stringing materials together.

    Lindley's tip would certainly be helpful when transferring those "temporarily" strung beads onto a more suitable stringing medium.

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my tip, Pearl! I hope it's helpful for your readers.

  3. Thank YOU for sharing. I love how beaders share good tips so all of us benefit!


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