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How to Make a Wire Bird's Nest into a Brooch Tutorial

Some of you may remember my past post on the different ways to create wire and beads bird's nest jewelry. The designers approached making this either with one single length of wire or several lengths. They also applied the results to earrings, rings and craft items.

Well, here is yet another wonderful designer who wrote a great tutorial on how to make a wire bird's nest brooch.  Zoraida's starting point is actually a spiral. She even explained how to create the pin back mechanism.  The result is most artistic and does the hand made community proud.

Patchogue, New York based Zoraida said she used to look down at copper but has grown to love it, not just for the affordability but to "appreciate all of the colors and the malleability of this metal."  You can see more of her designs on her Artfire store.

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  1. Thank YOU for this wonderful info. The tut was so detailed and easy to follow. I even signed up to receive notices about current post from Zoraida.

    Happy weekend Hugs!!

  2. This wonderfully generous artisan did an awesome job. I particularly love the way she created her pin back mechanism.

  3. I've always admired these cute little bird's nest creations. There is something magical about looking into the branches of a tree or a thick hedge and discovering a tiny bird's nest filled with perfect and lovely little eggs. I think we all know that feeling of joy and awe. :)
    Zoraida's design is adorable and her tutorial is clearly written and easy to comprehend. Love her handcrafted pin clasp, makes the piece truly unique and very artisan handcrafted.

  4. This is a wonderful tutorial. The instructions are very clear and the pictures are great. I love the beads Zoraida used - they remind me of robin's eggs.

  5. Thank you for searching out and sharing such a wonderful tutorial. I think that it would also work wonderfully for a shawl or cloak pin. Though if you keep sharing so many wonderful blogs I am never going to be able to keep up.

  6. Ah well, Shaiha, count on me to introduce you to the best blog posts I find!

  7. I couldn't find a tutorial for this wonderful project....? I looked through the whole blog, clicked on her tutorials, couldn't find? has it been taken down?

  8. Thanks for letting me know Margret. The URL of the blog post had changed. I have corrected it. Enjoy!

  9. Thanks for this lovely tutorial. You really solve my


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