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How to Use Chain Differently in Jewelry Designs

While a perennial favorite, chain in jewelry designs took a huge leap in popularity this year. This collection is all about how to use chain differently in jewelry designs for a refreshingly new look.  Perhaps you will be inspired to  repurpose or dress up an unloved necklace chain hiding in your jewelry box.

Image by Rebecca S
A quick way to scrunch up the chain into a bracelet length is to use ribbon as shown by Rebecca S's how to on Cut Out and Keep. It's easy and looks good!  If crowd sourcing was any indication, it was marked a favorite by nearly 300 people the last time I looked.

A much more elaborate approach using jewelry elastic to scrunch up the chain is the Stroppy Cow's Beaded Charm Bracelet how-to. Her tutorial adds color and all sorts of visual interest to the design.

Image by the Stroppy Cow
Divya's Gold Spiral Pendant tutorial  on Jewels of Sayuri turns a chain into a pendant. It's a totally different approach to recycling!

Image by Jewels of Sayuri
Grace who calls herself a human magpie, has a designer inspired tangled and wrapped chain necklace tutorial on her blog, Stripes and Sequins. It uses oodles of chain in two different colors.

Image by Stripes and Sequins
Swarovski crystal embellished chains are awesome to use.  Ornamentea's clever video tutorial (update : no longer available) uses these to cover bezels, setting them with resin. As you can see, you can either fill the entire bezel with the bling or surround a silhouette picture. Check out my past post on resin options.

Image from Ornamentea

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  1. I opened this post with a lot of anticipation for I love chain based jewelry and was really inspired to make some new stuff....but I got a serious surprise when I saw my pendant here...its crazy :)Thanks :)

  2. thank you so much for the shout-out... another blogger pointed me in the direction of your post! i'm so glad you like the dannijo necklace... it was fun to make!

  3. Inspiring selection. I wrote about jewellery projects using chain in less usual ways too not long ago, but it wasn't to do any type of self-promotion that I wrote. I just thought you might like what I found in the latest Panduro (that's a scandinavian craft store chain) catalogue that I got today. It's like a version of those bead-wrapped bracelets but with chain instead of beads:

    I'm usually not that interested in their jewellery kits, but this one I liked. Really, really liked! Perhaps someone else seeing this does too?

  4. Actually, I have another post scheduled which features that style of chain work which you like! So stay tuned!

  5. Chains are sometimes over looked and yet are so vital in jewelry designs. I've noticed that many chain sources also offer gathered (scrunched up) chain by the foot, guess I didn't recognized this as an upcoming trend, you have quiet an eye for spotting what's hot or what's going to be hot. :)

    I love the chain medallion/pendant very novel and very lovely.

  6. Look what I did today:

  7. Really pretty, Cristina! Love the bracelets and watch combination!


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