Some of you loath having to take photographs of your jewelry.  The task either distracts from the far more enjoyable jewelry creation process or your photographs do not do your work justice.

Don't you wish you could have someone else do it all?  Well, you can without breaking the bank.  Erin Woodgate, a professional photographer, is offering online artisans a sweet trade.

Erin offers not only good product photos but also modeled ones.  The items she keeps as props will also appear later in special shoots such as this tea party one where the products of several sellers are featured. These group pictures will also be made available to the sellers. Sellers can be from any craft marketplace or website, not just Etsy.

The featured designers shown here are :
Vintage dress/ Tunics: Planet Playground (Etsy)
Feather Accessories: Fancy Free
Cupcakes: Sweets By Ashley
Hair and Makeup- Chelsey Bakers Makeup

How it works :  You send Erin your products, she takes 5 pictures of each, keeps 1 or more items and ships the rest back to you. You'll have to come to some sort of agreement with Erin about what she keeps.  She said, "This number is dependent on the number of pieces I'm photographing and the value of the pieces. - For example if I am photographing 20 items worth $5 each I feel I would be entitled to more than one whereas if it was 10 items of $50 value then I can see that the seller only parting with one item would be enough." 

Interested?  Contact Erin directly via email - or through her Etsy site. She also has a website.

 Before You Go :
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