Mug Shot of Diamond Thief
Here is a cautionary tale or should I say, "tail" about leaving your jewelry making components lying around where pets, especially dogs, might accidentally eat them.

It does happen. The latest incident occurred in an Albany, Georgia store as reported in a local tv station's video . Honey Bun doesn't really guard the John Ross Jewelry store. The new pup is more like a greeter and shop mascot for owners, Chuck and Ann Roberts.

Chuck was working on some cut diamonds and earring backs when he had to wait on a customer. Distracted, he failed to move the chair away from his shop work table.  So when he later discovered 2 diamonds and an earring back missing, Honey Bun was chief suspect.

A trip to the vet's for an x-ray confirmed the pup's guilt. Diamonds are radiolucent which means they are "transparent" and do not show up on x-rays. X-rays pass right through them unlike glass, crystals and cubic zirconium which are slightly radiopaque. But the two blank spots in Honey Bun's x-ray was enough evidence.

The diamonds and earring back passed right through Honey Bun's alimentary canal and were recovered a day later with no harm done.  He wasn't reprimanded either as Chuck pointed out, "I haven't scolded him to this day and I won't. Why not? It's my fault for leaving the chair there, that's why."

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