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Zaybia : New Selling Site for Canadian Artisans

Calling all Canadian artisans!  There is a new selling site called Zaybia (Update : Link no longer works) which aims to showcase handmade in Canada. Zaybia naturally is open to the world for browsing and purchasing!

According to one of the founders, Lee who is currently based in Montreal, the site does not charge anything, at least not just yet as it is still in beta.  That's right,  no fees at all. Nada.

At some point in the future, they may charge a small commission of 2.5% of every sale.   This means a Canadian seller risks nothing to have a shop front with Zaybia as there are no listing fees.  It is really then zero cost to have a site of your own. If and when they do start charging commission, you don't pay anything until you actually make a sale.

 Perhaps this might push you to open your very first store. Or have a secondary one for additional exposure.  And to be counted as a Canadian artisan.

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  1. I am Canadian, as you know Pearl and I have not yet heard of this site. It sounds like an interesting option for selling our work. Will definitely have to check that out. Thanks!

    PS. Have not heard from Melinda yet. Was I supposed to contact her?


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