Magnetic beads are not new. But Klik Klik Jewelry Kits  (link no longer works by Brooklyn designers, Al Kelly and Kellar Williams, really ups the design possibilities of magnetic jewelry.

They use high quality neodymium magnets - these are the strongest permanent magnets known. You get 300 neodymium magnets per kit ($65). Then the fun begins...

Each kit has 216 spheres, 56 cubes and 28 wands. Using any combination of spheres, cubes or wands, you "click" the magnets together to form your own patterns big or small or simply just "mash" them together to form necklaces, bracelets, armbands, anklets and even rings. No clasps are required!

For inspiration on tons of design ideas, check out their site as well as the videos there. Here are some of my favorites :

Livingstone Bracelet

Olympia Necklace
Kirbie Necklace

These strong magnets are NOT for children who may accidentally swallow them, with dangerous, if not fatal consequences. They are not suitable either for people who have pacemakers as strong magnetic fields can affect their devices. The magnets are nickle-plated so are best avoided by people who have this metal allergy.  Also keep them away from direct contact with things like credit cards which use magnetic storage.

Other Magnetic Inspirations :

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