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Color Coordinate with Cell Phone Charms!

Not all cell phones can take charms but the charms themselves can easily be used to decorate other things like backpacks, bags and so forth.  They are a great gift idea. You just need to get the small corded finding for cell phones.

But a number of beaders at a couple of beading parties didn't just make them as gifts but created them for their own cell phones!

Cathy designed the one above to go with her pink floral cell phone.

Sue created the blue charm below for a friend and then later decided to make one for herself.  Like Cathy she took the color cue from the cell phone's design.

Even Debbie, my friend and co-instructor got in on the act! Debbie could pick whatever color crystals she wanted as her cell phone is just black and silver tone in color. It's double the luck because there is a charm for this charm!

Me?  I used to have one until I switched to an iPhone.  Perhaps I should contact Steve Jobs if Apple could oblige with attachment places in future designs? Hah, in my dreams!

Beader Designs # :  675- 679

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  1. I'm hoping I can attach my cell phone charm through the edges of my cell phone cover so I can still have a cell phone charm. :)

  2. Another option is to attach it to the cell phone holder/case if you have one and if it is possible. I am thinking of the soft cases which allow you to clip onto belts.

  3. That's true. Don't know why I hadn't thought of that, since I ALWAYS have my phone in it's case and on my belt. :) My family gives me a hard time about always having my phone on my hip, but since we don't have a home phone, I want to make sure I always am accessible to family and friends. :)

  4. I'm also rarely without my cell phone. It's not just ready access to family and friends but my iPhone is indispensable!

  5. A little touch of jewelry in every accessory is very nice and adds more color and vibrancy to our lives.To make the mundane more interesting.

  6. Cute ! I could also see these with a springring clasp at the end so they could be used to decorate a zipper tab.

  7. Yes, zipper pulls are another great way to use these charms especially if the cell phones don't allow attachment.

  8. I love cell phone dangles and was terribly disappointed that my iPhone hasn't got place to attach a strap. Seems like an odd omission to me - the strap on my old phone felt like a lifeline :)

  9. Yes, it's so much easier to locate the cell phone in one's handbag if it had that lifeline as you say!


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