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Organic jewelry from fruit trees? Yep. Mango Tree makes their hand carved and hand painted bangles from organic grade A mango trees. These mango trees are not felled until fruiting has ceased.

The collection was conceived by a husband and wife team, David Aviv and Helen Dukat who met in India while David was studying to be a gemologist. This globe-trotting pair truly appreciate nature's bounties so it wasn't long before they decided to work together and create jewelry from natural materials.

Their fitted and vibrantly colored bangles come in different widths and different sizes so you'll "never wear a baggy bangle again! " They can be worn individually or in different combinations. What's great is not only are their prices affordable, a portion of the proceeds go to a charity they choose each month.


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  1. Beautiful bangles! I love the story.

  2. Those bangles are just lovely, and I love the idea of a husband and wife traveling together and collaborating on jewelry. Sounds like the ideal life to me! :)

  3. What a fabulous discovery! One of the reasons why I enjoy following an eclectic selection of bloggers, you never know what you will discover...The designs on these bangles are oh so pretty, thanks for sharing ...!

  4. I never wear bangles and I guess I know why now - I don't like the feel of the bagginess!


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