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Wire wrapping earrings or perhaps bracelets doesn't have to be difficult! Not if you use Swarovski rhinestone chains for maximum impact!

Two fabulous rhinestone crystal chain bracelet tutorials by Allie over at Miss Lovie Creations should convince you.  I really cannot decide which I like better - the Threads and Rhinestone bracelet or the Braided bracelet . They both look classy. (Be sure to check out her other craft tutorials!)

This Ornamentea tutorial by Tracey Johnson  called the Beatrice Circlet earrings is just the ticket to spruce up any outfit. The set crystals are already evenly spaced so the wire wrapping is a little easier.

Image from Ornamentea
It uses metal rings (use bangles if you wish to embellish a bracelet).  If you are game to try a little wire work, then check out the complimentary tutorial, the Casually Sparkle earrings.
The Part 1 video tutorial shows how to make the curved half hoops.

Part 2 covers how to make the ear wire part and the wire wrapping of the rhinestone chain. It helps to make both ear wires together to ensure they are the same.

If you like the look of woven chains, then you'll love the tutorial by I Spy DIY blog. It makes use of inexpensive chain and crystal chain woven together with suede.

Now this tutorial by Maneki over at Wild Roses and Blackberries is the cat's meow because it teaches you how to make your own Swarovski crystal chain using Swarovski crystal montees. Montees are awesome! 

More Swarovski Montee Tutorials and Inspiration :
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  1. Great ideas. I like the idea that you can make chain out of montees.

  2. Thanks for including my rhinestone chain tutorial! I hope it might be useful for someone.

    I really like the look of those braided bracelets -- must try that one of these days I think. Thanks for the inspirational tips!

  3. Thanks so much for including my bracelet tutorials!! I'm loving the other bracelet AND earrings! great stuff. An now I'm excited to browse your site!

  4. Thank YOU Allie for sharing in the first place. They were brilliant! Pearl

  5. I love the look of the braided bracelet with Swarovski crystals, it's elegant but not as structured as the bangle.

    So many new ideas and tutorials. Not sure if I'll have time to check them all out before my hubby's tummy starts telling him it's time for dinner. Oh why do we have to eat ? :D

  6. I agree. My other beef is why do we have to sleep!

  7. Nice clear explanation. Time to publish your own textbook :-)

  8. Thanks for sharing these with us Pearl. I really like the look of the braided one. I am imagining knotted pearls rather then Swarkies though.

  9. Knotted pearls are indeed cool alternatives. Haven't come across "Swarkies" before! Delightful abbreviation!


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