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More Awesome Beaded Earrings Tutorials

I like beaded earrings projects because they are fast for near instant gratification and don't need fitting like rings. They are also a wonderful way to try out a new beading stitch.

Image by Jennifer van Benschoten
A really pretty pair to make - the Cha-Cha earrings by Jennifer van Benschoten over at the About.Beadwork site.  Although the tutorial uses size 11 seed beads, the project will still be quick as there aren't a lot of small beads used. The visual impact is created by the side-drilled glass drops.

One of the cleverest beaded earrings tutorial I have seen lately is the Monkey's Fist Knot earrings by Shala Kerrigan over at BellaOnline. It's inspired by the real nautical knot of the same name. Check out my past post for the fun historical background, How to Make Paracord Balls.

Image from BellaOnline
Jennifer also has another great tutorial called the Modern Metallic Brick Stitch earrings on the About.Beadwork site.  She added cone dangles instead of the traditional fringe at the bottom.

Image by Jennifer van Benschoten
Deborah Roberti  over at FusionBeads has a really pretty flower beaded earrings to try!  It'll look fabulous with different color schemes.

Image from Fusion Beads
Wendy van Camp's Pom-pom Delica earrings over at the Beading Arts blog is so sweet. I like how this design goes well with studs. Thanks Stacie for the tip!

Bling lovers will really appreciate the Little Miracles Beaded Earrings tutorial. Plenty of sparkle with Swarovski crystals!

Little Miracles Swarowski Beaded Earrings

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  1. That's one of the reasons I love making earrings -- the instant gratification. I love whipping up something new at the last minute to wear to a restaurant or meeting. :)

    The earrings you featured are lovely! I love the idea of combining bead weaving with wire.

  2. Wonderful post. I especially love the first pair. Great colors!

  3. Nice selection of tutorials. I really like the Cha-Cha earrings, think it would bring out the exotic gypsy in all of us girls.

  4. I love everything about your beads and tutorial, you just motivated me the more to be more creativity.

  5. Thank you for featuring my tutorial here and for your kind comments. :)


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