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Natural Stone Jewelry and Stone Drilling Tutorial by Authentic Arts

There is so much beauty in nature. Take pebbles. I've often admired the smooth lake, river or beach stones I've encountered during walks.  I've even wondered how they would look as jewelry.

Well, one artisan who not only wondered but actually made them into jewelry is Wisconsin based Jenny Hoople whose shop on Etsy is called Authentic Arts

Jenny  focuses on natural materials. While she has a BA degree in fine arts, her minor was in geology. So Jenny knows all about rocks and stones! She also has a great eye for form and muted colors as seen by her grouped choices.

Her beautiful natural stone jewelry collection will appeal to those who love both aesthetic and authentically natural jewelry.

Want to make your own drilled stone jewelry?  Well, hop over to the PapernStitch blog where Jenny generously wrote a tutorial. She shares invaluable tips on what kind of pebbles to choose and which to avoid. Also included is the extensive how to on tools and drilling.

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  1. I love her work and I especially love her use of those double ended wrapped eyepins. Very clever. And secure.

  2. The very natural, organic look of the stones in this jewelry is marvelous. I really enjoyed Jenny's tutorial, the flashes of humor that she interjects was refreshing. All in all she made drilling through stones sound so easy.

  3. Yes, she did a fabulous job with the tutorial. I might pick up some pretty pebbles after all to try!

  4. Pearl I bought some "Jobs Tears" beads from Jenny last year on Etsy.I haven't made anything from them yet but they are the softest shades of greys. Nature at its best with Jenny! Going to watch the Tutorial now. Besure and check her Etsy shop and see if she still has Jobs Tears beads you will be surprised how neat they are.

  5. Thanks for the tip Doris! It's on my ever growing to-do list!


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