Do you remember reading about tightly corseted Victorian ladies who faint at the slightest provocation? They had to be revived with smelling salts or vinegar.

Many of them wore filigree pomander or vinaigrette necklaces just in case they had the vapors or if they needed to smell something pleasant rather than the odors of unwashed bodies common then. Well, they are b-a-a-c-k! Only the sweet smelling kind though!

Jewelry designer Erica Weiner has come up with a lovely perfume locket necklace - an updated Victorian vinaigrette necklace. The perforated design was a collaboration with Durga Perfumes who developed two special scented oils for the jewelry.

One of the fashion world's top designers, Stella McCartney, has a modern version. Her Solid Perfume Necklace is available at for $49. The locket is not perforated but slides open to allow the wearer to discretely dab some scented cream whenever she wants.

Small perfume bottles wired and attached as pendants to necklaces will also work! They will make great gifts for perfume lovers who can dab away whenever they want!

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