Many of you are no doubt getting ready for or are already in the midst of doing craft shows during this busiest time of year for artisans.  It's no different for Lori Anderson who writes the Pretty Things blog.

She recently wrote a delightful blog post on the Art Bead Scene blog about her craft show preparations including pictures of her wonderful booth set up, new beading spots in her house and her two bead chasers who don't do pick-ups.

What made me chuckle though was her new anti-theft sign which proved to be an effective deterrent at her last show! Pictures of babies are the number 1 attention getter. And this cutie was no different. It really is her son, Zack, only he is now older.

Lori did well to come up with a clever and humorous way to make it clear to potential thieves that there are consequences. As she said in her email, paying tuition is eating her alive so she can ill afford to lose anything.l

Other artisans probably depend on sales for their living and/or to help pay their bills.

So here are 5 useful anti-theft tips:
  • Sign - preferably humorous so it is not off putting. A good one like Lori's also becomes a  conversation starter and encourages people to linger at the booth. Lori works hard at building a customer base which begins by letting people get to know her.
  • Buddy up so there are at least 2 people manning the booth and to cover for breaks. Don't leave the booth unattended.
  • Hide the cash or even better wear the cash in a fanny pack worn in the front
  • Stay alert - thefts happen when the vendor is distracted. Vulnerable periods include busy times and even during set up and take down.
  • Arrange your expensive items so they are closer to you making it easier to keep an eye on them.
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