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How to Make Spider Web Necklace Tutorials

Image by Margot Potter
I'm okay with spiders and if you're like me, you might like to create some spectacular spider web necklaces for some Halloween fun!

Margot Potter's fantastic chain and Swarovski crystal web necklace tutorial will definitely add class to an elegant Halloween party outfit. Not everybody wants to look like an ugly witch from some fairy tale!

If you don't have time to manage all that chain work, then whip yourself a quick black widow spider web necklace using Tulip 3-D dimensional fabric paint!

The tutorial for the spider web and bleeding slashed neck pieces for zombie wannabes is by Pattie Wack.

Image by Pattie Wack

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  1. Both pieces are just beautiful! I love spider jewelry and could see myself wearing either one. :)

    Hoping to have my own spooky tutorial on Tuesday (camera permitting).

  2. The chain and crystal spider web is perfect for that Halloween party where no one dresses in costume ... just a hint of the ghoulish.
    I didn't realize that Tulip 3D paint could be used in such a way, learn something everyday. :D

  3. I agree you are right with this trend, more than Halloween. I always sell out of skulls and spider jewellery first. I am using black chain too, I do see it as the new trend by the way the ladies oww and ahh about it. Thanks for the links, Peace

  4. Is it just me? I see spider jewelry and I cringe and click away, look away, walk away - hate hate hate it! Popular or not. Is this a case of .. if you don't have anything nice to say ... ?

  5. You're not alone, Bette Jo! Many people can't stand spiders either!


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