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The Huichols are a West Mexican ethnic group who are world renowned for their beaded art. 

Our Exquisite Corpse Collection is an amazing one sold through LN-CC London's online store. It is the result of Cathrine Martin's collaboration with the Huichols.

The collection is clearly inspired by the Day of the Dead festivities in early November. This Mexican holiday is the day people remember their departed families and friends. Although All Souls' Day is largely a Catholic observance, equivalent celebrations occur in other cultures.

The modern celebration goes way back to indigenous observances. The Huichols themselves still believe in the Sun God, ancestor spirits and also worship four principle deities - Deer, Corn, Peyote and the Eagle. 

The craftsmanship of the 15 vibrantly colored and patterned beaded skull decorations is just exquisite. No two skulls are the same. The hand beading is done on a layer of wax. Each skull measures 5.25" x 7.75" x 5".

 The going price for each skull was £489.00 or approximately $770 and they went like hot cakes. No wonder!


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  1. These are much work and time. WOW..I'm really just speechless and that doesn't happen often!!

  2. Yeah, I was too! It must have been so difficult to deal with curves and hollows.

  3. I love the skulls! The beading is just flawless, and the colors are so vibrant.

    Perfect for Halloween or Day of the Dead, for sure. :)

  4. Those are incredible. I couldn't even imagine having the patience to do one.

  5. Fabulous designs, colors. Thank you for this wonderful blog.
    -Eva Maria

  6. Though I'm not a fan of skulls, they're too macabre, I certainly admire the intricate and obviously time intensive beadwork. Placing each tiny bead, one at a time, into the wax must call for a good eye and a steady hand.

    Hm, talking about macabre. My word verification is Licritia reminds me of Lucretia, she of the poison ring. :D

  7. One has to admire the skill and patterns if not the skulls!

    Too funny about the word verification. I actually wrote about Lucretia and poison rings before :

  8. Hi there! Can anyone help me with the process of making on of these? They are just so beautiful!
    I would love to give it a go!
    What kind of wax? How is it applied? And what are the beads sealed with once application is complete?
    I have so many questions!

  9. The best thing is to contact the site and see if you can learn more about the process from the collaborator. Good luck!


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