So many of you really wanted to win this fabulous giveaway going out of your way increase your chances! So both Lex and I are grateful for the promotion.  He said in an email to me, "Please thank all your readers for me for their Likes, Tweets and follows. Delighted to reward their support with this promotion."

It's worth learning how to use your camera even if you do not have the Modahaus. But I have to add I really love my Modahaus.  The light tunnel does an amazing job of adding extra natural light even when photographing on a really dull day.

I do not have much time at workshops and beading parties - just a few minutes per piece. So the easy set up and using all Lex's tips now gets me good pictures quickly.  My favorite background though is the blue which seems to work for most of the pieces I photograph.

One entrant Laura, explained why she wanted another. She said, "The larger version is great for taking pictures of larger pieces of jewelry or cakes. I love it, actually, my husband loves it more, since he has been hoarding it ever since it arrived. That's why I need a second one!"  She said in an email to me that she was the one who asked Lex if the Modahaus could fit a baby!

If you didn't win, Lex is offering a special 10% discount code (use Pearl) valid until October 31.  Readers who bought one in the past week are also eligible for this discount.

So who were the two lucky winners who won't be needed that discount code? I numbered all the entries and consulted which picked out the numbers assigned to Tamara of Vanishing Pearl and Silver Dreams Design.  Both of them put in several entries so it was worth it!

Congratulations to you both!  The competition was tough because this was a popular giveaway.

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