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Scarves have become popular again over the last few years. So I was delighted when I spotted Franchesca Leigh Ramsey's Twitpic of her fabulous scarf necklace some time ago. She is a video blogger and a self confessed hair obsessed graphic designer based in New York City.

So many people loved her wrapped silk scarf that she made a fun Youtube video showing how to do it yourself. It's a beautiful way to dress up a plain outfit. Perfect for cooler weather or frigid air-conditioned offices in hot climes!

Before she posted her video tutorial, I actually grabbed one of my scarves and tried to make a scarf necklace myself. It's not as neat as Franchesca's way but it is quick!

I used a long rectangular scarf which measured 36" when folded into half.  I tied a simple but firm knot at the folded end.

Then I adjusted the knot so it looked tidier and more like a pendant!  Then I tucked in the two ends to form a necklace! That's it!

It is a looser look than Franchesca's.

Want more ideas to file?  Then check out the Scarf Queen's blog. This Very Pashmina stylist has  many tutorials on how to tie scarves.  Shown here are the scarf necklace types :

An even easier way to create a scarf necklace is to marry a large link necklace with a light scarf. See April's clever idea over at her blog Knocked Up Fabulous.

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  1. I've always loved scarves as an accessory. How to use the beautiful scarves that are available has been the problem. So, this is great. I've sort of stopped using them since I started making jewelry but lets face, it we always need a change. So upstairs to look at my collection.
    Thanks, Pearl

  2. So timely! I was just thinking of how to use long thrift shop scarves with recycled jewelry pieces! Thanks!

  3. I like to wear scarves with jackets. I still have necklaces on underneath!

  4. Great post Pearl! I love wearing scarves in the fall/winter. Funny you should post this topic, I've got a similar one set to post on my other blog friday (

    I think I'll have to try me some new ideas this fall with my scarves!

  5. I too like scarves as an accessory but never got the knack of tying them in an appealing way so thanks so much for sharing this information. I like too that it shows various ways of tying as one look doesn't always work with everything.

  6. I'm lucky I manage to get dressed in the morning. Accessorize? Well - maybe when I'm going somewhere special. Wow, that's sad!

  7. thanks for posting my video! i love the scarf necklace examples you posted!

  8. You were the inspiration for this post, Franchesca!


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