We all gather our inspiration from everywhere, particularly where we live. For Welsh-born, Jessica Stephens, that's Morocco. Home is currently a small quarter in a small town close to Fez or Fes ,the second largest city in the interior of the country.

I came to know of Jessica's Etsy store, Morocco Bling (Update : link no longer works) when she joined my Twitter community and delighted me with her creations.

Using a glorious mixed media approach, her handmade jewelry showcases some of the traditional items used in North African clothing.

Her choker designs from her "Run Away with Me" collection are bold and eye-catching.

Versions of traditional hand woven buttons feature prominently in her jewelry designs as they do in real life djellabas (long outer robe with full sleeves) and kaftans. Jessica explains this decorative art form was introduced to North Africa by Jewish tailors.

Jessica is a trained visual artist so her exotic locale is a rich feast for her creative soul. She finds the experience of living in North Africa both a privilege and a huge challenge at times. She says, "All in all, never a dull moment and life enriching." 

She can ship her items everywhere but adds, " Please be patient with the speed of Moroccan postal service, a country of great talent for agreeable dawdling."

Some armchair travel pictures of Morocco :

City of Fez, Morocco.City of Fez via Wikipedia

Architecture in Fes, MoroccoArchitecture of Fez via Wikipedia

Leather tanning, Fes, MoroccoLeather tanning in Fez via Wikipedia

A gate of the Fes Jdid quarter, Fes, MoroccoGate of the Jdid quarter, Fez via Wikipedia

Morocco - Marrakech, Rahba KedimaKnitted caps and carpets, Marrakech, Morroco by vtveen via Flickr

Shop selling Traditional clothing in Morocco.Shop selling traditional clothing in Marrakech via Wikipedia

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