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Pearl Cluster Necklace Tutorial

This pearl cluster necklace tutorial is a winner on so many levels. The designer is Nicola Marks who also has an Etsy store called Smitten Kitten Loves.

free jewelry making tutorial

Firstly, it is a very pretty design. Each cluster is made up of several wire wrapped pearl dangles which means you get to practice this a lot. That's a good thing if you are a beginner.

Yet, if your wrapped loops aren't perfect, nobody will see them either. That's even better!  And last but not least, you get to use up pearl bead stashes. Very useful if you've only got a few left of each size.

There are also so many ways to vary the design.  Instead of ribbon, use chain. Make a bracelet rather than a chain.  Use other round beads rather than pearls or perhaps mix faceted rounds with pearls. It's a wonderfully versatile design and not hard to do.

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  1. It's a beautiful piece. For some reason the luster of pearls looks so lovely with the softness of ribbons. Very feminine.

  2. gorgeous! such a beautiful necklace....inspires me to work with pearls (not a usual for me!)

  3. Really pretty- & a very easy to understand tutorial. Great find pearl!

  4. What a great tutorial. I have so many pearls that are onsy and twosies. Knew that I was keeping them for a reason.

  5. Wow what a beauty! Would look stunning with a little black dress!

  6. Very pretty necklace. And great tutorial .


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