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When You Cannot Identify a Gemstone.....

Sue brought in a strand of gorgeous green gemstones to a workshop earlier this year so she could create some jewelry for herself. Alas, she forgot to note what they were.

We made some guesses but in the end weren't confident enough to say what the gemstone was. So unless a reader can help out, all we can say is -  it is a quartz!

Most of the common gemstones used in jewelry making fall under this umbrella - amethyst, agate, jasper, carnelian, tiger eye, onyx, jasper and citrine as well as the obvious rose quartz, rutilated quartz and smokey quartz.. A useful thing to know when you cannot identify a gemstone.

Sue really liked the larger holed metal rondelles which kind of flopped around the head pin. So she strung some seed beads which fitted inside the rondelles and served to keep the head pins in a central position.

Beader Design :  681

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  1. I can't really tell from the picture, but are you sure it isn't some kind of Jasper? There are so many great jaspers out there.

  2. Jasper is also a quartz. I have updated the post to include it. As to what jasper it is, I haven't a clue!

  3. Kambaba jasper maybe? Hard to tell, so many jaspers!

  4. Your guess is as good as mine! It's tough to tell because these are small beads. Might be easier to ID if they were larger.

  5. It looks like Zoisite...or ruby in zoisite without the ruby :)

  6. Awesome, Isette! That's what the gemstone is!

  7. glad you were able to figure it out :) i'm having that same problem with some stones that i got that i love to use in designs. they are beautiful, and people always ask me what they are. and i have no idea! i will have to investigate by looking up the list of common stones......

  8. It looks like you've already figured it out. But, I was going to mention that if you look at the first picture at the 8 o'clock position you can see what looks like a little bit of ruby. So, my guess would be ruby zoisite as well. Nice article!

  9. Yes, a good handy gemstone reference book is worth having, Eileen.

    Sharp eyes to have spotted the ruby bit!

  10. As the Great Bard once wrote; "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet".

    It is a lovely stone and looks beautiful alongside the silver findings and beads.

  11. I didn't make anything for quite a while and forgot what EVERYTHING was! I'm learning again. Oh and floppy beads! I've been stuffing them with seed beads or sometimes even crimp beads, whatever fits.

  12. I'm probably wrong. Looks like Indian Agate


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