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Recycled Straw Jewelry by Linda Schailon

I never knew drinking straws came in so many different colors until I saw Linda Schailon's eco-rings. Her aptly named Flow collection is made by putting together recycled straws.

This Italian designer's sense of color comes into play as her recycled straw jewelry is available in so many different color  and pattern combinations.

Our use of plastic has resulted in so much of the stuff going to the landfills that many designers are now coming up with unique ways to divert that flow.  It's yet another indication of how appropriate the name of this collection is.

Although the rings may not appeal to everyone, fashionistas who are passionate about making the world a cleaner place may well be interested.


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  1. She does have a wonderful sense of color! I didn't know recycled straws could be so beautiful!

  2. That's really cool! I would never have thought of using straws that way.

    Now that I think about it, though, it would be really easy to make straws into beads. Just snip them into little sections, and voila! :)

  3. What an awesome post!! I love when materials are re-used to recycled to make jewelry. Very cool!

  4. The colors are delightful. I visited the link provided but was not able to get past the introduction to view her work.

  5. It's not what you use but how you use it that counts, Cindy!

    Yep, straw beads are easy to make - stringing them is a great idea as a kid's craft but having seen Linda's work, why not adults too?

    Click on the I DO part after the intro and you will see her work collections.

  6. we used to do this when we were little! and make them into beads. mum used to set up little stations and myself a child-hood friend of mine would go around them in the school holidays.

  7. Hi! Wendy here, you featured my guitar pick tutorial, THANK YOU! About the straw jewelry, I made earrings out of straws after watching this video........

    You might want to add it to the list.

  8. That straw shrimp video tutorial is awesome, Wendy! Thanks for sharing it with us. Would love to see your earrings!!


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