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BeadCrafty's Gift Certificate Giveaway Winner

Admit it. Many of you are beadaholics.  The lure of extra beads and lust for some of the delicious beads featured in last week's BeadCrafty's $85 (£50) gift certificate giveaway were just too much for some of you!

Many thanks for all your interest and kind comments for this new start-up. Their no and low-cost shipping approach was a big hit and bodes well for their future success.

I was a little late with this one but I finally numbered all the entries and consulted The winning number belonged to  Susan Whelan also known as Moushka.  Congratulations!  Your new beads will soon be arriving!

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  1. Thank you, Pearl, can't wait! Many thanks to the people at Bead Crafty for their generous prize.

  2. Congratulations to the lucky winner Moushka. I'm sure she will be creating many lovely items with her prize. Wishing BeadCrafty much success and a thriving business. :)


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